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Opportunities Available

Below is a list of Opportunities Available. Contact us directly for more information.

Public Speakers Wanted

Strong, highly motivated individuals wanted!

These individuals are wanted to assist in expanding and growing a local team of investors. This is a UNIQUE opportunity for an individual who is passionate about real estate investing. You will work with seasoned investors and potentially earn a very good income while learning. Tasks will include Marketing, Administration, Data entry and Management. This is a 1099 position.

Whether you have no experience or you're a seasoned investor, we are seeking YOU. You must ABSOLUTELY be willing to learn and work in a team environment.

Strong Internet connectivity is required as most work is performed virtually; therefore, travel is not required. You will have the opportunity to learn from investors across the country through webinars and other Internet driven communications. You can continue your current career or job as you are being mentored and the amount of time you will work will be up to you from the comfort of your own home.

We have a HIGHLY LUCRATIVE opportunity that can make you $1k-$10k a month in commissions while you learn the business. PLEASE DO NOT MISTAKE THIS FOR A "GET RICH QUICK" SCHEME. You will have to work, learn, and make sacrifices. In the end the reward will be more than worth it.

This opportunity requires all candidates to possess entrepreneurial skills and a strong desire to be in business for themselves. You will be the face of our company and our team when encountering motivated buyers and sellers. The following additional skills are preferred but not required:

● Strong sales skills desired but not required
● Works well independently and with a team (coach-able)
● Able to take direction as needed and handle rejection
● Must demonstrate a willingness to learn
● Ability to motivate, inspire, teach and train others
● Disciplined, passionate about real estate investing and helping others
● Self-motivated

Commission Only! 1099 job, not W-2 job!  

If you possess the skills we are seeking and interested in learning more about this opportunity, please text "Public Speaker" to 847-671-7000.

Sales Reps Wanted

Sales of Real Estate Investing Education

We are seeking persons interested in earning $1K to $10k+ per month part time (20K+ full time) while learning what we do and then helping us do it. If you already have a job that's fine. We're not going to ask you to quit, but we are going to ask that you treat this like your second job and work it! FULL TRAINING provided for qualified candidates.

Real Estate Professionals, Attorneys, Contractors, Public Speakers, Sales And Marketing Professionals, Trainers, Regional Director, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers, Supervisors, Regional Directors And Top Producers Are Highly Wanted!!!!

This is a Real Estate Investors educational program. We are serious Real Estate investors and we're looking to expand our Fix and Flip, Wholesale, Buy & Hold, and Lending operations. We're looking for INEXPERIENCED or experienced people interested in LEARNING first and applying after. Good credit OR not. Must be willing to take the steps to get your score above 700 if it is not now. We will help you get a 700+ credit score if you don't already have one. You MUST be willing to work at least 5 -- 8 hours a week. You will also need a passion for real estate investing and the desire to actually INVEST in property of your own.

The group of business people and investors we work with will also be willing to invest WITH you as your training progresses.

Commission Only! 1099 job, not W-2 job!

If you possess the skills we are seeking and interested in learning more about this opportunity, please text "Sales" to 847-671-7000.