Amethyst Investment Partners Inc.

Real Estate Investing Solutions

Our Story

My name is Viki and I am married to my high school sweetheart Tom.  I am a CPA and come from the corporate world.  I was looking for a way to generate income to replace my job so I wouldn't need to rely on anyone for money.  The crash in 2008 taught me not to rely on others since the company I worked for went through a dramatic downsizing eliminating over 200 positions, mine included.  Job security is a myth.

I always knew real estate was the fastest way to build wealth, but I was scared having been burned on a deal before.  I went to several of those "guru" seminars to learn more and to me it was just a lot of hype and sales pitch.  They never gave you the "how to" just the "buy now".  I kept looking and one day Tom stumbled upon an opportunity.

We were invited down to meet a man who with several others were running a local community of investors.  After our brief introductory meeting we were invited to come back to an event where we could meet local investors and be introduced to the real estate investing education they offered.  We were excited. Finally there was credible education with a local community of support and mentoring to learn how to invest in all phases of real estate.  There are over 50 1-2 day classes offered as part of the real estate investing education.  

As you continue to read, are you looking for the right opportunity? Maybe our story resonates with you.  Have considered getting involved in real estate investing but not sure where to start?  Or have you attended those Guru Seminars and came away with nothing, or spent money on their courses yet never did a real estate deal.

Joining the Community

After sitting through our first event, we went to a follow up where all our questions were answered.   We were excited!  Not only could we get a true real estate investing education, there was a community of investors who were willing to mentor you so you could ask questions.  These investors are giving back, not asking to be compensated for their time, just asking you to pay it forward once you became an experienced investor.  We purchased the education that day and haven't looked back.  What a difference this Community has made in our learning process!  

Take a Step Towards Achieving Your Goals

Our team of real estate investors is expanding across the country, helping more students become successful at creating their own independence using a proven real estate investing education

This is NOT an hourly or salary job.  This is a partnership opportunity in real estate investing.  This may or may not be a good fit for you.  The only way to know for sure is to attend an event and walk through our orientation/overview process.  You will hear the details and see what is possible.  Then you will know what the right step is for you to take, realizing like we did that this is the best real estate investing education around and see what a great opportunity this is.  

We can't tell you it is, we can only show you what we and so many others have seen.